Fair Sponsorship Package

Fair Sponsorship Package
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04. Feb 2019

January 2019
Dear Prospective Sponsor,

Blue Ribbons & Big Smiles; they are the nuts & bolts of County Fairs. The reward for thoughtful planning & hard work; The satisfaction of accomplishment; Oh yeah, and the bragging rights....."Look at what I did!”.

That is what our special week in July is all about. Pride.

Wherever you look all around the Fairgrounds you can see it. The best tractor pull, apple pie, Junior Heifer or Senior Yearling. The best Filly or Colt, The best Alpine or Nubian, the best Honey, Fruit or Vegetable. The finest Flowers, the tops in Hobbies & Crafts, the most proficient in Domestic Arts. The best Dancers and Singers. The Barrel Racers, the Demo Drivers, the Bull Riders......... All being the absolute BEST they can be.

We are also very proud to win awards of our own. Each year since 2013 the readers of Capital Region Living magazine have voted us the “Best County Fair in the Region”. In addition, our non-Fair events now regularly attract over 60,000 additional visitors to the Fairgrounds & Expo Center annually. We host Music & Art festivals, Balloon Festivals, AKC Dog Shows, Antique Truck Shows, Food Truck Rodeos, and more, ranking us in the Top 10 on the Capital District Business Review Top 25 list of Event Destinations.

To accomplish this, it takes support from businesses, organizations, and individuals who believe in what we do, and the way in which we do it.

The Saratoga County Agricultural Society is a registered and approved IRS 501(c)3 not for profit, and our annual Fair is the oldest major visitor attraction in Saratoga County. Ninety percent of the work done by the Society is done by volunteer Directors, Ad-Hocs, and Department Supervisors, who donate time, energy, materials, (and their own money) to accomplish our Mission “to showcase the best in Saratoga County Ag- riculture and Home Manufacture”. But it takes more.......

Opportunities to support what we do in the form of sponsorship can be found at all levels, and in every cor- ner of the Fairgrounds. Entertainment areas; education, conservation, home arts and crafts, culinary and antiques departments; competitive exhibits in livestock, produce, and flowers, and visitor services all offer marketing visibility and let the attending public know that you support their interests.

The 2019 Saratoga County Fair will take place from July 23 to the 28. The options offered in this Sponsorship Package make it possible for us to entertain, educate, fascinate, and create connections, all while making memories for our thousands of friends and visitors. Please consider joining our family of sponsors, and sharing in those memories.

Thank you,
Kevin Veitch -Executive Director Saratoga County Fair

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