Summer Camp Discount Group

Announcing the 2019 Saratoga County Fair Summer Youth Camp Group Program Discounts, Fair dates: July 23-28, 2019

One of the most wonderful experiences of a childhood summer is a carnival and fair. Who among us doesn’t remember the animals, thrilling rides, cotton candy, or plush prizes? You can give that same great experience to your program this sum- mer. Your friends at the Saratoga County Fair are once again offering special discounts for your youth group and counselors.

We are streamlining the process from years past to be able to make sure your group gets the maximum amount of fun time as safely as possible. These special discount days this year are:

  • Tuesday, July 23 9am – 2pm (NOTE: No carnival rides available on this day)
  • Wednesday, July 24 9am – 2pm
  • Thursday, July 25 9am – 2pm
  • Friday, July 26 9am – 2pm

The discount admission rate and specially priced optional discounts are available for groups of 10 or more on each of these four days. This program cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers.


      $2 per child

      $2 per counselor

Optional Lunch Discount Program:

      $3.50 per lunch The lunch program is available at two stands only from noon – 2pm. The lunch will either be a slice of cheese pizza and a small soda or a hot dog and a small soda. A map with the stands’ location and the tickets will be provided at check in when you arrive.

Optional Ride Handstamp Program:

      $5 for children under 13

      $7 for children over 13 and adults

    This option is available Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from noon – 2pm only. This includes all Amusements of America rides only. Some rides have height, weight, and size restrictions for safety purposes.

Please complete the enclosed form and return it to the Saratoga County Fair at the address or fax number above by July 1. If you are attending on multiple days, please fill out a separate form for each day.


Prior to opening of the Fair, you will receive arrival and processing instructions that should expedite your group’s admission to the fair. We are also changing our procedure for payment. This procedure will be explained further in your pre-arrival packet. Send no money now. You will be invoiced post fair.

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